The Aura Chair™
Is ROLSTUDIO.’S  debut piece.

Designed as a sculptural response and device to aid mental health of the black community during the George Floyd Protests and the Covid-19 pandemic - The Aura Chair is designed with complete Intention, from the immensely calming ultramarine colour-way to the shape language of the piece itself.
    Everything about The Aura is intended to evoke a wave of calmness over its viewer and user.
    The piece is designed to aid In the practice of meditation - a deeply unique and practice to every person.

The Aura Chair debut at the Herman Miller Showroom, London 2021.

“I wanted to create something that served as a device to both experienced and novice meditators - encouraging toward better mental health through the practice of meditation and also being a conversational piece that serves purpose.
    I looked into various neurological research papers on colour studies that soothe the brain and calm us down, on shape language and how our brains perceive certain shapes before finally researching the sensory element of texture and feel.” 

- Holly Rollins, Designer, ROLSTUDIO.
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